Aecio Sarti: My Favorite Brazilian Artist

Aecio Sarti: My Favorite Brazilian Artist

Aecio Sarti: My Favorite Brazilian Artist 478 384 Jennifer Santiago


We stumbled upon Aecio Sarti’s gallery in Paraty on our first visit to the UNESCO Heritage Site in Rio De Janeiro State. It was love at first site– the elongated, serene images of women, the poems, bright colors and floral prints. Then Aecio told me he paints exclusively on truck tarps– giving each piece of work an additional dimension. The tarps often have the stains and scars collected along their journeys, much like their subjects.
Inside Aecio’s Paraty Gallery
I promised myself a portrait by Aecio before leaving Brazil. And, the entire experience was such joy. Aecio’s studio is in Paraty. But, he actually paints at his home on the tiny fishing village of Calhaus. So, we began our journey by boat– traveling about 45 minutes to his secluded studio & home.
Me, Aecio, family, friends and Nikkita on the way to Calhaus


Once in Calhaus, Aecio and I headed to his studio & the magic began. I stood still. He sketched. He erased. He sketched some more. Then, he began to mix colors and paint.
The First Sketch
Almost Done
Once my skin tone was complete, he worked on my hair. The dress and poem were left for him alone so that we can enjoy the rest of our time in Calhaus– swimming, surfing, fishing and enjoying quiet dinners and wine with the artist. We took the boat back and returned to Paraty several weeks later to pick up the portrait and enjoy one last weekend in our favorite Brazilian retreat.


I was stunned by the final product. And am so grateful for Aecio’s kindness and talent. His portrait is  a beautiful reminder of my two-years in Brazil.
Posing with my portrait


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